LJK Enterprises, Inc.
We Make Technology Work For You

Cleanup (Malware Removal)

Malware is an acroynm for malicious software and includes viruses, root kits, worms and spyware. LJK comes in and clean up all malware with an emphasis on protecting your data.

Web Hosting

LJK designs, builds and hosts websites. You'll find LJK creates websites that are economical and LJK will do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This gives higher placement in the search engine and draws more potential customers to your site.


LJK becomes your outsourced IT department and handles all network administration.


LJK handles streaming of both video and audio which is great for having training videos, sales presentations, sermons or lessons on the web.

Computer Repair

LJK repairs any hardware issues including building new systems.

Disaster Recovery

LJK offers an economical data recovery from hard drives that no longer work.

Data Backups

LJK offers a very economical portable backup system with and with encryption.

Custom Software

LJK started out as a software house with an international reputation. LJK can custom build software to suit your needs.

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