LJK Enterprises, Inc.
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Our History

LJK Enterprises, Inc. was incorporated on March 12, 1980, making us one of the oldest computer firms around.  We developed the Perfect series of software:  Letter Perfect, Data Perfect, Spell Perfect and Simply Perfect.  We also developed several other packages including Edit 6502 which was an assembler, editor, disassembler and machine language monitor.

LJK Enterprises, Inc. currently markets a complete Order Entry system called Express Orders which encompasses accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger and product support. Express Orders has been used in such diverse industries as Optical Lens production, computer consulting, greenhouse management, HVAC companies and Stock brokers.

Current Emphasis

LJK Enterprises, Inc. currently concentrates on keeping your machines up and running and operating efficiently (both hardware and software), managing networks, website design, development and hosting, data backups and restores and data recovery.

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